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Tower Icing and Shields
The tower is the most visible component of any transmission facility. It is also the most vulnerable to hostile elements. When icing occurs frozen deposits form a snow and ice shell on antenna and tower components. When the ice thaws on the tower, segments of ice fall or sail causing significant damage to antenna elements.

Antenna elements are particularly susceptible to falling ice. Ice can have a weight of 56lbs per cubic foot and can cause significant damage to unprotected tower antenna and accessories. Ice shields and radomes can offer some degree of protection.

Entering the winter season reminds us to take into account the importance of protection from shedding ice and the additional weight and wind load added to the tower during the colder months of the year.

Ice TOwer

KPND Tower

Past Project Spotlight
KPND HooDoo Mountain, ID Tower:
This 160ft tower (164ft overall) has a 16ft base and top width of 4ft. This tower is designed for a 100mph basic wind load and 85mph basic wind load with 2in ice. This tower is manufactured with mill certified solid rod construction and is hot dipped galvanized for corrosion protection. This tower was designed for loading of:
9 - DB224 Antennas
1 - 6810-5 FM Antenna
18 - 75.4X10.3X5.8 Antennas
1 - 4ft Standard Radome Dish
1 - 4ft HP Dish
2 - 6ft Standard Radome Dishes
2 - 10ft HP Dishes
4 - 4ft HP Dishes

This tower was also spec'd with an optional Ice Shield for 4ft dish, an optional Ice Shield for 6ft dish, and an optional Ice Shield for 10ft dish.


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