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Specialty Towers

Tower Innovations can provide you with innovative engineering and creative site solutions; just what you need for demanding and challenging projects. Below are a few examples.

Trump-Spire Chicago, IL

In April, 2009, Tower Innovations successfully topped off the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago, IL with a 227 ft spire. The spire consist of a lattice steel structure surrounded by fiberglass radomes. The diameter of the spire is 10 ft at the bottom, 6 ft in the middle, and 4 ft at the top. The spire contains an internal climbing ladder, interior lighting, and is designed to accommodate broadcast antennas inside the fiberglass enclosure.

The steel sections were fabricated at our Newburgh, IN facility and shipped to Chicago, IL. The sections were then lifted to the roof with the roof top crane being utilized for construction of the building itself. The bottom 92 ft of the structure was installed using the roof crane. A helicopter was used to set the upper 135 ft of the spire. With the help of the Chicago Police Department, Fire Department, and Coast Guard, the proper safety precautions were taken and a successful lift occurred on Saturday, January 3, 2009.

With the addition of the spire, the 96 story Trump International Hotel & Tower became the second tallest building in the United States and reshaped the Chicago skyline forever. Tower Innovations was proud to play a role in the construction of this magnificent structure and now Chicago landmark.

Fordham University Tower, NYC (Bronx)

The Fordham University tower sets atop the Montefiore Medical schools apartment building in the northern Bronx of New York City. Fordham University known as "The Jesuit University of New York" was founded in 1841. Tower Innovations was contracted to provide the 140 ft tower with all required lighting and safety equipment, roof support structure and the installation of same including the installation of an 8-bay FM antenna fed with 4" heliax and a 2-bay FM standby antenna. Surrounded by the teaching hospital, parking garages and private residences, this was a very tight congested area. All materials had to be hand carried to the basement and put in a freight elevator for the 32 floor ride to the roof of the building. Wayne Avenue between the hospital and the apartment building was closed for 2 city blocks to allow setting up the crane used to lift the tower sections. All the tower sections were assembled in a park area behind the hospital and then lifted in to place with a 600 ton crane. When the crane was finally assembled there was only 2 foot of head room above the main block when the FM mast and antenna were set in place. From the lightning rod on the mast to the street below is approximately 621 ft. The tower is visible to the NW from the La Guardia airport and when traveling over the Tri-Borough Bridge. All work was preformed while the doctors and their families went about their daily tasks with minimum interruption.

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